2015-11-06 13.11.31I really enjoyed taking this short course and I would recommend it to anyone who even has the slightest interest in drones or sensors. The online format of the class does an excellent job at preparing you to to fly the drone so don’t feel overwhelmed at the thought of controlling the equipment during the workshop. Drones are an ever increasing presence in our lives and a technology that will soon be all around us, so I think it is important that mass comm students, especially journalists, develop some familiarity with the technology. After flying a drone it is definitely something that I’d like to get into. I’ve even considered purchasing one of the cheaper versions online. Drones provide a unique filming angle that can create some great footage.

2015-11-06 13.05.19The sensor portion of the class was also interesting. I had absolutely no experience working with circuitry or sensors and it was great to get some work with them. The types of data that sensors can pick could be extremely valuable for journalists. Giving students skills with these types of tools is essential to preparing them for future jobs.

Drones and Sensors Course

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